Network, Share, Learn from your Colleagues and Peers

The goal of the Microsoft Data Science User Group Sponsorship Program is to help data science user groups to grow and build new, passionate audiences for data science. So, if you either belong to or are thinking of starting up a user group focused on the discipline and open source technologies of data science, we want to help you and your group succeed.

User Group Sponsorship Benefits

  • A shipment of goodies customized towards the open source community to which your user group is affiliated that you can give to your members or use as door prizes, etc.
  • Promotion of your group’s activities to help get the word out to other like-minded data scientists in your area.
  • Access to Microsoft subject matter and technology experts to speak at your meetups.
  • The ability to hold user group meetings at Microsoft facilities around the world.

In return, we ask:

  • Announcement of Microsoft as a group sponsor on your group’s website and at meetings
  • Once a month, deliver an email message from Microsoft to your members

How the MSDSUG Sponsorship Program Works

The organizers of a data science user group can apply for participation in the MSDSUG sponsorship program by submitting a sponsorship application form and requesting support at one of three levels: Vector, Matrix or Array. The Vector level is for groups that are just getting started. The Matrix and Array levels are for established groups with a large number of members and a track record of holding regular meetings. (The requirements for each of the three levels are listed below.) Upon acceptance into the program user group organizers will receive a letter of notification, a cash grant and a package of promotional materials from Microsoft. The amount of the grant and the contents of the package depend on the level of sponsorship. User group organizers are free to spend the cash how they see fit in order to support the group’s objectives for existing and new membership.

Sponsorship Levels

The size of the annual grant depends on the size of your group
Level Name Requirements Annual Grant ($USD)
Vector Just getting started A group name, group webpage, and a focus on data science. $120
Matrix Smaller but established with at least 3 meetings in the last 6 months with 30 attendees or more. $500
Array Larger and groups with at least 3 meetings in the last 6 months with 60 attendees or more. $1,000

Ready to Start?

To apply for the 2016 Microsoft Data Science User Group Sponsorship Program, your group organizer must complete the online application form